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■About our office "EIL"

We are welcome to announce to support betweenforeigners or foreign companies and Japanesepeople or companies.  We consult aboutElectronics, Engineering,  English,  Export,  Import,  International,  Information, Immigration,Life,  Legal Expert.

EIL consulting is a member of GYOSEI SHOSHIwhich is certified by Japanese law to makedocuments to submit to  Japanese government,city government, Ministry, or other publicorganizations.  That's why we are called LegalSpecialist.

We would like to support all the people who wantsto have business with Japanese or in Japan.   If youface some problem about legal issue to make acompany in Japan, trade with Japanese companies,stay in Japan, or visit Japan.

Any problem especially procedures are welcome.  Please feel free to ask us.

■ Please contact us by mail:   support@eilconsulting.com