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Japanese SecurityExport Controloverview

 -  Japanese SecurityExport Control FlowChart

 -  List Control

 -  White countries(Group A)

 -  Catch-all Control

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Representative introduction

■Yuji Osawa

■Brief biography: Had worked for import semiconductor/electronics companies such as Intel, Western Digital, and so on.  Had experienced in the field of sales, marketing, and technical support especially wireless communication, TV, PC, storage, memory.  Can consult not only legal points but also technically.  Then we can support legal and technical mixed issues such as PSE and parameter sheet.

■License: Gryosei Shoshi (certified Japanese government document implementer for the administrative procedures)
      Fundamental information technology Engineer (issued by Japanese government)
      System administrator of information technology (issued by Japanese government)
      Semiconductor hardware testing engineer (issued by PADA)
      Security export control management ability examination (issued by CISTEC)
      Anti pollution management (issued by Tokyo metropolitan government)
      HAM (amateur radio operator license) (issued by Japanese government)

■Example categories and companies of technical support (worked as a FAE)
 - PC graphics:  Cirrus Logic, Western Digital, Chips & Technology, S3, Neo Magic
 - PC chipset:    VIA, Opti
 - Hard Disck :  Cirrus Logic, Western Digital
 - GPS:              SiRF
 - Blutooth:       Silicon Wave
 - WiFi:               Atheros
 - Digital TV Tuner: Fresco
 - Memory:         Micron
 - CMOS  Sensor: Micron, Omnivision
 - HDBaseT:       Valens
 - PoE:                Silvertel
 - PC mother bords: Several Taiwanees vendors
 - Touch Panel:   NanoTS